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We are committed to supporting community and environmental projects across the UK. These include improving community halls, creating new play areas and skate parks, and restoring green spaces.

In order to ensure you get the best from your project and, perhaps more importantly, you get the best for your community, we have drafted the document below. It comprises helpful advice to consider when developing your idea.

gettingthebestfromyourproject.pdf (223.63kb)

To ensure grants are distributed in line with our guidelines and those of our regulator Entrust, you must ensure your project meets two main requirements:

  •   It must come under one of our funding categories and meet their criteria
  •   It needs to be in the proximity of a qualifying site operated by Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc

If you are applying for a category D, DA or E project please:

1. Visit Funding categories to check and confirm your project comes under one of the funding categories and meets their criteria

2. Visit Geographic eligibility to check and confirm your project is in the proximity of a qualifying Veolia facility

3. Complete and submit our Initial enquiry form. We will check this. If we consider it compliant we will send you a link to our online application form. You cannot access the online application form from this website

If you require funding for category A and B projects please contact us to discuss your proposal.

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